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Full Version: list... image to appear only on a specific itemlayout icon
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Hi Guys,

Say i have a list, and under itemlayout i have an image (in adition to the usual ListItem.Icon). So that image will appear on all icons that are under itemlayout.

Now... what visibilty code can i use on that image so it only appears on a specific Icon under itemlayout. For example, so the image will only appear on the third itemlayout icon, and not on the rest.

Hopfully that makes sense!?

I've been trying various things however can't get my head around it.

you´re talkin about xbmc-populated lists or about lists populated by the skinner (--><content>)?
Container(id).Position(pos) or for static lists Container(id).HasFocus(item_number)?
I'll pm you Hitcher as it's regarding Welo and from the version you were working on, you have what i think was the start of what i'm trying to do.