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Full Version: [RELEASE] PlayRemote - Play your media on remote XBMCs
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When you run the add-on during media playback, a dialog appears where you can choose between your remote XBMCs (Play/Queue).
After installing the add-on, the options will appear at the first start. Type in the needed connection-data for your remote XBMCs (max. 3).
The local media must of course be equally accessible from both XBMCs.

The same functionality is also available as a service add-on, where the dialog appears automatically on playback.

The addon is probably more useful for iPad users:
At a friend, I noticed that with the combination iPad/ATV2 the remoting is not the best.
With the remote control it is not very convenient and fast to browse through your media. During playback, it's nearly impossible because of the atv2 performance.
iPad remote apps can play local media, but unfortunately you can not browse through addons.

Download v1.0.1