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Full Version: Vdeo background when browsing media lists
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Yes, I have Video Background on. But whenever I am browsing through media (Movies, TV) menus, i get teh Fanart backgrounds, and the video peeps through when the background pic changes.

Is there a way to get the vVideo Background all th e time, or at least more of the time?
Can't have your cake and eat ti too...have no fanart and the video background should shine through...
i can't reproduce it.
video should always be on top of the fanart images and it does so on my end.

you could try the svn version of T!, as that's what i'm using
Yes I could have sworn i had it working before the move to Eden.. but its' crashes forced me back to Dharma.

Does the SVN run with Dharma?

Oops. Yes, I'm using Dharma I really should have mentioned that. Spank me.
(2012-06-24, 09:20)argh! Wrote: [ -> ]Does the SVN run with Dharma?

nope, not at all