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Full Version: Frustrating Library problem
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Frustrating Library problems...

Hi I am pretty new to all this. I asked a question yesterday about importing my UFC collection into its own library.

Someone suggested using a Playlist. I set up my playlist and pointed it to my ufc collection which was scraped using IMDB. Now, when I click on my home screen "UFC" option, im taken to my Movie collection with the UFC folder in there.

How do I stop my UFC collection showing up in my Movie collection? If I change it to TV shows, the scrapers dont work.

Can you not make a separate library and call it whatever you like?

I saw a guide on here but it was so confusing, I didnt know how to follow it.

Thanks for the patience and hopefully its something minor that im missing out.

You unfortunately can not just create separate libraries in XBMC.

I had a similar situation, where I wanted essentialy my movies, and my kids movies separate. I went the playlist route. The only thing you need to do now is create a second playlist and point it to the directory to you have your movies in instead of the the UFC collection.

I also would rather be able to create separate libraries, and hopefully we will be able to in the future. I think the entire scraper API is being redesigned and there is talk in essentially allowing it to create various libraries. Until then, playlists are your friend.
You could look at this in the nightlies Video library reorganisation via XML
Thanks for the replies.

MUDISLANDER: In essence, that sounds like what I need, but I got lost during all the coding and jargon. I guess its a feature that i will have to wait for.
The way I ended up doing my UFC was I created another user that's just for my MMA. Won't work for you if you want everything accessable at the same time. But I actually kind of like having a user where the database is all MMA. There's probably a better way, but I haven't found one. The only other method I found that worked was to add my MMA stuff to the files and tell it tn scan to library. Downside is it won't scrape the covers/info, and you won't be able to access it in library mode. But it will work in file mode and you don't have to create another user.
Thanks Quebert, ended up using files view and a shortcut. Ill wait and see if someone makes a scraper in future... Thanks guys.