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Full Version: Library scanning, scrapers and nfo doubts
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Hi there!

I'm facing a problem while scanning my Animes. I'm using the scraper AnimeNewsNetwork or TheTVdb and in some cases (like DBZ) it puts the episodes in a wrong order into seasons. To all my Animes, I'd like to have only the the thumbs, fanart and the file names in the same way they are. I don't want XBMC to put seasons or names and number to the episodes. How I'm supposed to do it? Will I have to edit/create nfo files to these entries? How?

I'm scanning my Video Music Show's ISOs using the scraper TheMovieDB or IMDB. Some times both scrapers don't find the ISO I'm scanning (It's not a naming problem. The scrapers only don't have this information in their database). What shall I do in these cases? Create a nfo file or something else?
But the problem is when It finds the information to a Music Video Show with 2 or more ISOs (Ex: Pink Floyd - PULSE DVD1 and PULSE DVD2. When I try to play it, it goes to the first DVD with no option to choose other one. Is there a option to make XBMC ask me which DVD I want to play?

Thanks in advance!

Another problem I realized I'm facing. When I go to Tv Shows after scanning my Anime files, the fanart appears but when I select it no episode is shown.
This happened to all Animes. I'm using Anime News Network and Tv Db scrappers and this problem doesn't happen with my Series using the same scrapper Tv Db.
I only can see the episodes when I'm in file mode.

Most of your issues are a naming convention... if you go to http://thetvdb.com/?tab=advancedsearch and search for your series... you will see that each episode has a specific format e.g. The Legend of Korra

The Legend of Korra - S01E03 - The Revelation.avi

So you've got the title right... but not the episode naming... so a scrape knows you have a folder called The Legend of Korra, but doesn't see the episodes. The TVDB is an open database run by all of us, and if something is not right or doesn't exist in the database you're welcome to contribute that information. You can make your own .nfo (check the wiki) but it would benefit all of us if you just inserted directly at the TVDB so everyone will have your .nfo and descriptions etc. I'm a bit lazy and use theRenamer.org which names all my episodes just like the example.

It wouldn't hurt to have a quick look at the quickstart guide either. http://wiki.xbmc.org/index.php?title=Add...he_library
You are right! The problem is the episode name.
But I don't want it to put the episode's name to my animes (thetvdb). To tv shows in english I think it works ok but to animes no.
In this case I'll have to watch my animes in the 'Files' option in XBMC.

About my video shows, I searched through the sites themoviedb and imdb and I didn't find some of them. In this case I'll have to create a .nfo file only to have at least a thumb and fanart to my videos.

Thanks for your help and if I create a .nfo file to something there is not in the sites, I'll try to help and put the nfo there.

One more question: Some video shows I have, are 2 or more DVDs. But when I select it in the 'movies', the XBMC doesn't give the option to select the DVD. It only plays the first one.
Does anyone know how I fix this?

Tks again!
(2012-07-12, 21:45)coolbastard Wrote: [ -> ]One more question: Some video shows I have, are 2 or more DVDs. But when I select it in the 'movies', the XBMC doesn't give the option to select the DVD. It only plays the first one.
When you know you have 2 cds in one movie folder, make sure you name them


Then scrape with 'STACKING' on... that's a menu item in the left slide-out.

Check with the information command (keyboard I) and look at the path.... it should indicate the word Stack: and the path to each file.