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Full Version: Remote control suddenly stopped working
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My remote control worked with xbmcbuntu right out the box. Installed XBMCbuntu and the remote worked. No questions asked.

I was watching a TV show just then and by the end my remote control didn't work. Nothing responds at all.

What advice can you offer?
Hi there, i have the same problem, have reported this, and i guess its related to this:

Only thing that have helped me is to reboot. I think its related to a bug in the lirc version.

regards Alf Tonny B├Ątz
I am not using lirc, I have never installed it.

Also rebooting doesn't fix the issue.
Oo my bad. Obviously XBMC comes with LIRC integrated.

So updated my lirc.conf file in /etc/lirc/ and then tested irw. I got responses in the terminal.

After confirming that worked I made a lircmap.xml file (there wasn't one before)

That looks like this:

       <remote device="vista_mce">

Still nothing works. What could be the problem?

I now have the remote working again. Sort of...

The OK button doesn't work!

Quite an important one. I checked the LIRC.conf file and OK isn't mapped. How do I find out the hex value to put into the lirc.conf file for OK?
The whole device seems to function entirely differently now. Think something big has changed.
such as:

Now when I press a button there is a slight delay before the response on screen. If I shorten the "gap" in the LIRC.conf file then it double presses everything.

I can no longer use my remote to type words and letters. Before I could go into my tv shows and press "6" 3 times to skip straight to the "O" section. That does not work any more.

I my reinstall XMBCbuntu from scratch and see if I get functionality back.

If I do I will back up some files for later use if it breaks again.
Before create your own Lircmap.xml, you should check the default XBMC Lircmap.xml: https://github.com/xbmc/xbmc/blob/master...ircmap.xml
I have already done that as there was no lircmap.xml

wirc also shows the delay so that it to do with the xml.
Anyone able to fix this yet?

I have tried installing XBMCbuntu from scratch again. No joy. Such a shame this remote is now useless.

LIRC cannot configure it to work properly at all
Which remote control is it (make/model or provide a link to a picture of it)?