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Full Version: is there a "coming soon" for movies
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Is there an addon that lists what movies are coming out soon? Like a "releasing this week on bluray" or anything like that?
Not exactly but quite close... Cinema Experience is an add-on that has within, the ability to load up select videos like trivia, 'coming soon', trailers and main attraction, and post videos if you wish.. even mid point breaks... a whole theatre extravaganza in one.. (select skins support this add-on through out). Now we get to the interesting part... the ability to utilize streaming trailers from the web, or a local select folder seeded by your trailer down loader.

What you are asking is pretty sophisticated, eminently customized, and not only possible but there is many threads dedicated to this function. Once you have it all working... get the popcorn machine out.
lol... thanks... I have and LOVE Cinema Experience. One of the best add-ons ever! But I go to sites like IMDB or Blu-ray.com to see what movies are "coming soon" and their release dates. Couchpotato used to have a "coming soon" section so I figure it must be possible. It would be cool to have a section telling you what movies are coming out soon... not only in theater but also on dvd,
Blu-ray.com has a release calendar... seems like somebody could just "borrow" the information they already have? Not that I would have any idea! lol