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Full Version: v11 questions.....
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i've only just this week updated my XBMCLive v10 revo to XBMCBuntu v11 eden.

was simple to do but i have a coupla Q's.

1. my movie library on v10 was sorted by date added, now i know where this setting is on the menu but now the update is installed its rescanned my server and added them all in alphabetically and now means that any new movies AFTER the update are added at the end.

this is a pain as i now have to sort the view on the server to see what movies i have recently done to remind me to look for them in the library Rofl

so my question is, is it possible to sort the movies by date created and not alphabeticallyHuh

2. i use Aeon Nox skin and as much as i like the improvements, i preferred selecting a movie to view its info and scroll left/right to choose options. not just land on a movie and after a few secs a lil bit of info comes up and if i select a movie it plays it. can i get that backHuh

3. when i installed live i had to SSH in to get my remote to work. thankfully this task has been made to work out the box but i can't find the subtitle button lol! any ideas?