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Full Version: [Help Wanted] MovieCDArt Fusion Migma V2
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I added support for Movie CD-Art to Fusion Migma 2 (or at least I tried to (Smile it looks like this:


The new code I added to Viewtype_Posterwrap2.xml is:

        <!-- CDArt -->
        <control type="image" id="8646">
            <texture fallback="blank.png">$INFO[Listitem.Path,,disc.png]</texture>
            <animation effect="rotate" end="-360" center="auto" time="19000" loop="true" reversible="false" condition="true">Conditional</animation>
        <control type="image">
        <!-- CDArt End -->

(Full version here)

But I am struggling with 2 things:

The first one is the shadow of the CDArt.. The visibility-condition does not work and I have no Idea why, since in a self-made test view in foundation it seems to work just fine:


The other thing I don't get to work is that the overlay for unfocused posters fades in, rather then just plopping in.

I tried it like that:

<control type="image">
            <animation type="Focus" reversible="false">
                <effect type="fade" start="0" end="100" time="500" delay="0" />

(and of course with UnFocus) but that does not seem to have any effect at all Sad

Any help would be gratefully appreciated Smile