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Full Version: IMDB TV Mappings
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FWIW, MediaPortal's WebEPG grabber for Yahoo isn't working, but I've added channels to the IMDB mapper for the Austin, TX area.

<Channel id="FOX" siteId="KTBC/?zip=78757&amp;tv_prov=IL12549" />
<Channel id="ABC" siteId="KVUE/?zip=78757&amp;tv_prov=IL12549" />
<Channel id="NBC" siteId="KXAN/?zip=78757&amp;tv_prov=IL12549" />
<Channel id="CBS" siteId="KEYE/?zip=78757&amp;tv_prov=IL12549" />
<Channel id="CW" siteId="KNVA/?zip=78757&amp;tv_prov=IL12549" />
<Channel id="PBS" siteId="KLRU/?zip=78757&amp;tv_prov=IL12549" />