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Full Version: REQUEST OR HELP - Always playing media script with overlays
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My idea is quite simple and follows the ideas of another decent media center (often not heard of ) Linux Media Center.

Interested in developing a way where content never stops. Essentially, when you boot, your overlay of menus is apparent in the skin but some media automatically plays in the backround always.

When navigating through menus, you could keep your current content playing in a small surpressed window. If you exited a movie, or it was done, content would be playing in the backround immedietly, possible with some sort of transition. This would also have the ability to play the next file in the directory or season, rather tan stopping and having a backround.

Is this possible? Pseudo TV concept does what I am talking about, but it doesn't have the overlay of the skin.

Is this making sense?

Essentially, something would always be playing with visuals of that content in the backround - kind of like how if you press the big button on default XBMC remotes that pushes you to the skins homescreen with the video in the back.