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Full Version: Mouse Pointer flicker (no mouse attached)
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Hi there.

I am using OpenELEC with XBMC Frodo.
I have noticed this mouse pointer in the middle of the screen flickering.
Please see this vid: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b0fdm187n...r_embedded

When you move the menu left or right it disappears.
I have disabled 'Mouse and Touch Screen support' under Settings/System/input devices.
Please provide a full debug log and tell us what version you are using.

I am using a custom build of generic openELEC PVR with AudioEngine(OpenELEC_frodo_PVR-Generic.i386-devel-20120702172644-r11468). Here is my debug log:

Why did you disable the mouse system settings? Was this an unsuccessful attempt to resolve the problem?
Did this issue show in earlier versions before NVidia driver 302?
I disabled it because I don't need a mouse and I don't want to have the X controls on every window. But I have a mouse attahced to the system which I use when i boot windows. I don't know the driver version but I think they all use nv 290.10 as it seems to be the most stable version out there... I left SaveIIM a message, he will tell us later.

edit: I just saw that he is using the 302.17 driver... I don't know if he used another version before but I always had this behaviour with his builds. I encouraged him to builkd the next version with 290.10 and we'll see :-)
My builds are using the 302.17 drivers.
Have been since they came out.

I'll do a PVR build for you later today. Just out atm
Try using the 290.10 drivers instead maybe that resolves our problem... (dont know if you read my note over @openelec ;-) )
I will do a 290.10 build later
I just tried the new build(r11499) with the 290.10 driver but nothing has changed, here's my log: http://sprunge.us/BRMI
We are currently working on this part of the code. Can you try this build and report back if the problem still exists?
Which files do I need to backup if I want to keep my librarys, settings and addons/addon data ?
(2012-07-06, 00:24)Hasu0bs Wrote: [ -> ]Which files do I need to backup if I want to keep my librarys, settings and addons/addon data ?

Just put it in the update SMB share and it will update your existing install.

Disclaimer: if you are a noob it's not my fault if you foobar your install and you have to start over.

that being said there shouldn't really be a problem updating

also, search is your friend
The "xbmc" folder that contains your userdata (wiki) folder. the userdata folder has all your specific settings, and getting the xbmc folder will get that and your add-ons too.
Sorry I answer just now. With this build there is no mousepointer, thank you.

Here is a log just in case you need one: http://sprunge.us/GFbg
When do you think the changes will hit openELEC master?