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Full Version: Android Remote: Lockscreen Control
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I am using XBMC on my raspberry pi and XBMC Remote on my android Phone.

However, it's quite cumbersome always having to unlock my phone, just to pause the playback or skip to the next track.

Would it be possible to add media controls to the lockscreen, like google music does?
Or perhaps to the notification bar, which would be very nice in android 4.0 (ics), because you could just pull down the bar and pause the current media.

I would love to hear from you guys (and gals?), I really appreciate your work. If you ever need something translated from english to german, please shoot me a message!

- Sirith
Until the feature is added to the official remote you could try Music Pump XBMC Remote. It is a new android remote for phones and tablet which supports lockscreen controls. It's currently in beta and available for free in the android market.