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Full Version: Android Remote
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Hi everybody,

i´m struggeling a few problems with my android remote controls. (official, music pump, etc)

My aim is to control the xbmc completely without turning on my TV. I like listening to webradios using the rdio plugin. When i try to controll that app with the official XBMC Android remote i can acess the rdio app (Music - Music Add-Ons). I can see all the genres and stuff, can access to a specific folder but i cant see and acess the radio stations. When I try to select one a popup open and i can chosse "play folder". However it just doesn´t start to play.

I tried it also on an Ipad with the XBMC Commander and it worked perfectly.

Do you guys have any advice for me how I can solve that issue on my Android device?

Thanks a lot!