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Full Version: Having trouble with scraping music
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Hey everyone,

I am new here and have had a lot of success with using XBMC with movies.

I am trying to move all my media to XBMC and having trouble with the music part.

I have been using media monkey for a while now and most of the albums are scraped already and I always download the album cover to the folder.

There are some albums that wont scrape and dont see the image in the folder.

Also I would like to use the sorting by artist also but it doesn't seem to scrape an image for the artist at all.

Have tried numerous scrapers and still the same thing.

Any help would be appreciated.
Ok it seems the scrapers are working because I can scape each individual artist but it don't do a mass scrape.

Must be a setting?
Ok....well I figured out what is going on. Just not sure how to resolve it.

It seem last.fm is not working.

I installed other scrapers and everything points to the other scrapers but somehow it always wants to go to last.fm.

I hit © and then change scraper and there is last.fm again.

So I figure no big deal I will just uninstall it. It would let me uninstall or disable it?
When you choose to Change Scraper from the context menu, that just changes it for the next artist/album you scrape, then it will go back to the default scraper. To change the default scraper, do so in the Settings > Music > Library page.
Tagscanner http://www.xdlab.ru/en/download.htm

Pre-scrape files for xbmc.

Quick how-to:
Processor tab
Browse for music folder in bottom
On the right side -> Select service (I like Amazon)
Click once on a music file
Right click search bar (auto input)
Pick album with cover art
double click album to see songs
Deselect entries before the title you want.
Press save
All found tag info + art will be saved in your music file.
Tags and art will be available in all media players including phone ect.

Batch rename all files with for example the info from the title tag + artist tag + whatever you want.