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Hey Jezz-X, I know that you no longer support XBMC4xbox, but recently their website went down due to a AWOL hosting provider, and so they lost pretty much everything on their web servers, so i cant really go there and ask. Anyway, XBMC4xbox is on version 3.1, but MC360 is not updated to it, i love the skin, and had it on my XBox for the longest time, until i decided to upgrade it, at which point i downloaded the latest release from TeamBlackbolt (https://xboxmediacenter.svn.sourceforge....ter/MC360/) but when trying to use it with XBMC4xbox, only the words show up, everything else is black, you said something about some texture type being different in another post, but would it be too much work to try and convert the skin to the xbox version? i would try it my self, but i have no idea how it works. i would be willing to help in any way i can. thanks for thinking about it
Also, if you could put kai back into it, for the xbox, that would be awesome
yeah sorry not something I'm willing or can do I don't even have any old xboxs up and running anymore and have no idea of any changes they made at all
this question would be best asked over at http://www.xbmc4xbox.org.uk - where there are some people who work on skins for the xbox1.