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Full Version: Caching
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I have been using home menu and shelf customiser and find the feature great because once a favourited add on is put there and gone into, the next time you don't need to load into the plugin again. This is great on the apple tv 2 which does have so much processing power. For example I have a link to my hulu queue and beetle tv shows . These take time to load because they have lots of item in them I. E >100 . Once cached it's great using them but if you exit xbmc or it crashed you have to re open each item to put on the menu or shelf again to cache. If a feature was made to automatically cache these in the background every time u go re enter xbmc this would solve my problem, you could set it to auto matucally scan and cache every say 4 hours in the background.
You may be right, but this is not something that's done by the skin.