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Full Version: Any addon that can stream radio stations that I can manualy ad?
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I need add-on that will stream radio stations that I add. There plenty of addons with presets of radio stations but none of those addons have possibility more stations to be added manually. Can someone help me with this?

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If I understand what you're asking, then the TuneIn add-on may be what you're looking for. Its main purpose is to find your local radio stations, or stations from your old hometown, or wherever, and add them to your own preset list. It can also find other internet radio stations, like the shoutcast stations you find in Winamp online services.
I tried this but after adding my own station, I cant find it anywhere.
That's strange. The way I use it is to go on to tunein.com and set up all my presets. Then when I configure the add-on, it uses my login info to get them. Beyond that, I don't know what to tell you. It's a great service, I hope it starts working for you!
Why not use playlists or STRM files?
Look at:
Wiki: Internet video and audio streams
Hello Do you have a list of .pls or .strm files or can you lead me to a site to download?Thanks in advanced Kobyboy