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Full Version: EyeTV and XBMC
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Hi all after trying 1000 different ways to use eyetv and xbmc or plex together I have finally stumbled across a option that makes me and the wife happy. I like using the apple remote to control my mac mini its simple and with the aid of remote buddy I don't really know why you need a harmony remote. XBMC or Plex and Eyetv are very easy to use with apple remote. My problem always lied trying to integrate the two. I used applescripts(might have beed better if I knew more about applescript) and advanced launcher to no avail. I used the eyetv parser but with issues. When plex 9 was around you could launch eyetv from the apps section but alas no more.(Also XBMC is better specially for people who like to play there 200,000 strong music library in party mode) I have played with a backend on a windows machine once again with difficulty and I don't really want a windows server in the house.

So this brings me to my solution. I like the eyetv software its easy to use and has a very advanced recording setup when you get the hang of it. So there is a little program on osx called Automator. I have only just discovered this as I am only a recent mac convert. (About 12months, what can I say I am a slow learner) anyway you simple create an "application" in Automator as follows.

This is what I have done.

1. To launch eyetv.

quit application "xbmc" It does not matter if xbmc is open or not.
hide all applications
launch applescript
(tell application "eyetv"
delay 5
enter full screen
end tell)

2. To launch XBMC

quit application "eyetv"
hide all applications
launch application xbmc

So you create these two applications with automator and change the icon to what ever you want then you place them in your remote buddy menu and now you can launch xbmc or eyetv straight from the remote buddy menu without quitting either application manually. It takes around 5-10 second to load either program.

I don't know if anyone else will like this solution but I thought I would share it anyway. Its working for me and has made life simpler.

Cheers David Peterse