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Full Version: Trying to move from Win to XBMCBuntu
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Windows user.. Loooong time. Like, since Dos 2.0.
So, I'm not unfamiliar with a command line.

HOWEVER, I am wanting to get this off of a Windows platform and put it strictly into XBMCbuntu.
The reason for this is that XBMC likes to get.. stuttery.. on playback if it's been open for extended periods of time.
Restarting the program solves the stutter, but defeats the purpose of a HTPC that boots and autostarts XBMC.
(AWESOME program, btw!)
Have tried both onboard Intel video and add-on Nvidia card.. both show same issue, so it's not a hardware problem.

Current setup:
Quad core Sandy Bridge, 4gig memory.
XBMC on Win7 with internal 3tb drive for video, 1tb drive for audio.
Controlled by Harmony 650 emulating Windows Media player remote

NEW Setup:
I have XBMCbuntu installed on a separate drive.
I have another 3tb drive for my storage device, I would like all 6tb to be available for storage.
I found and have used GPARTED to create an NTFS partition on this second drive, (so Win7 can see to copy files over) but XBMCbuntu doesn't see it as a file sourceHuh
I assume I have to mount the drive for use... I have tried "sudo mount /dev/sdb1" but it gives an error.
I have tried a fresh install with the existing storage drive online, and XBMC doesn't see it.

I have limited experience with Linux command lines. I know enough to move around the file tree and possibly edit a text file.
In other words, just enough to get myself into trouble... and not nearly enough to find my way back out.

Is there a migration guide for poor saps like me?
Or.. is there some Linux Guru willing to hold hands for a bit to show me the HOW TO's and the WHY FOR's?

I am not afraid to learn new things... I build my own systems, learn new software regularly.
I just need a little help here to keep the wife happy.

Mounting partitions guide here:

Full Ubuntu help guides here
If I got you right, you want a NTFS filesystem to get to work under XBMCbuntu 11 Eden, right?

XBMCbuntu can´t mount NTFS filesystems. Only just for so long you installed the driver for that. In XBMC Dharma the driver was installed, in Eden you have to install the driver manually:

sudo apt-get install ntfs-config

After that you have to login into XBMCbuntu and mount the disk via pysdm (pysdm is a program for mounting disks very easily by mouseclick, so you don´t have to edit your /etc/fstab by hand)

If this works (I think so, because I did this for my own) you should be able to see the ntfs partition on your XBMC.


You can manage this more easier...

You wish to copy files from a windows pc to your XBMC, correct?

You can use an windows based program for that. It´s called "WinSCP" So you don´t need NTFS partitions, because WinSCP opens a "session" via SSH to your XBMC over the network. So WinSCP is able to see the EXT3-Filesystem that is used in your XBMC; and that from a windows pc Wink. You have a tree-view in the program WinSCP and you are able to drag&drop the files that you wish to copy. The only problem that you have is your internal network bandwith, so it might take a long time to copy big files. But that´s another question Wink

You just have to set a static IP to your XBMC for that you can reach it. If you are able to read and understand german, I have written a guide for using WinSCP or PuTTy and many other usefull things for linux neewbies Wink

If you like to...take a look at this:


The Win PC and the XBCM are the same machine.. I'm simply trying to migrate the OS to XBMCbuntu.
I have 5 drives internal on the machine currently.
I have two 3tb drives, one with data, one not..
Two 1t drives, one with data and one not.
One 80g SSD for the OS.

I can't get Eden to see the 3tb drive with data.
I want to have all 8tb to be seen by XBMCbuntu.

I'll give the NTFS-CONFIG and PYSDM a try when I get home.
That did the trick.. Smile
I also figured out how to get the drives shared for the rest of the network again too.
Tried to set up dual booting Win7/XBMCbuntu... but the installer didn't see an existing OS. So, Windows is still there, I just don't get an option to boot to it. Automatically goes into XBMCbuntu.

Will figure that one out later... for now, I have it up and working again, and that's what matters!

Now to find the remote codes file so I can fix a few of the buttons that aren't performing the tasks I want.
So many tweaks, so little time
Glad to hear, that it works now Wink

The other problem with the boot....you need to install "grub". Maybe this Tutorial will help you:


Under Win XP you had another option. Maybe this will work under Win 7 too...

Take your Windows installer CD/DVD, boot from it, choose "System repair" (or similar) and whem you´re on a terminal you hit:

"fixboot c:"

Warning: This worked under XP, I´m not sure, if this will work under 7 too

Under XBMCbuntu, drop to a terminal and issue:
sudo update-grub

This will cause grub to scan your drive(s) looking for changes to add to the bootloader. It should see your windows install and add it to the bootloader selection screen.
Thanks pumkinut...this helped for me too.

I installed yesterday the Ubuntu Ultimate 3.04 on my desktop pc, where I have a windows installation too.

Now I'm able to chose at startup

Thank U


I had to take my own advice. I added a HDD to my HTPC and installed Win7 on it. While going through the lengthy and laborious update and patch process, I never booted into the Linux install, so I had to hit F9 each time to choose which HDD to boot to. I finally booted into XBMCbuntu yesterday, dropped to a shell and did a grub update. Voila! I had the grub menu at bootup. The one thing I did, and you can if you want, is edit the grub file /etc/default/grub with your editor of choice, with sudo elevations, to change the timeout. I find 10 seconds to be a bit long if I'm booting into XBMCbuntu 90% of the time. In /etc/default/grub search for the following:
10 seconds is the default. You can change it to whatever you want. When you're finished editing the file, perform another "sudo update-grub" and everything should work with your new countdown value.
OK can I jump on to this topic too, but slightly different bent to it?

I'm also long time Windows user and have in the past used Ubuntu of my XBMC, however I've wanted to do numerous changes to skins, location of database (for multiple boxes) and the over all feel of the system.

So what I did (while still using an unmodified XBMC for watching while I sort this out) was to install on my Windows 7 PC, after changes it is now at the stage where I want to go back to XBMCbuntu on a stand alone PC.

I know which folders and files I've changed, will it be just a case of copying from the Win 7 AppData\Roaming\XBMC\userdata and AppData\Roaming\XBMC\addons\skin.transparency to the XBMCbuntu folders (changed to suit the actual location) or is there a pit fall waiting for me that I can't think of.

Any help would be useful, TIA
You should be fine. The file format should be the same. I'd suggest opening up the Windows and Linux versions of the files to perform a stare and compare before moving. As a CYA measure, just back up the Linux versions before overwriting:
cp <filename> <filename>.bak

If something doesn't work out right just move the original back.
Thanks for that, I'll hopefully giving it a try over this weekend - if you don't hear from me, my other half has disposed of my body for mucking it up Smile