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Full Version: Frodo and mySQL with <name> tag
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I haven't found it in the forum or in the wiki so I wanted to post it in the forum.

I just upgraded from Eden to Frodo alpha 3 and had a mySQL database running. I was using the <name>[...]</name> Tag for my database.

In the name I used a space (don't ask me now why I did it...). This was no problem for Eden, but Frodo could not convert the database containing the space.

So is it possible to parse the name tag and take care of spaces when Frodo is copying the database? A simple copy of the database with handmade mySQL is not possible (at least for me), since there are a few views in it and my knowledge of SQL is not high enough for this ;-)

Alternatively there could be a short reference in the wiki about that.


Remove the name tag and it will create a new databases with standard names.
Use mysqldump or phpMyAdmin to copy the data into the new database or even import an exported database using xbmc.

You could also try using %20 instead of spaces
Hi g-off,

thank you for the link! Now I know where to look at if I want to copy another database. Do you know if views are copied, too? That was my problem when I tried to copy or rename my database on the NAS (Zyxel NSA221) with the onboard-tool.

But I already used the mentioned export-import method into a freshly frodo-built database. So atm database copying is only interesting for me from an educational point of view ;-)

It was important for me to document this issue, in case anybody else would run into the same problem. And maybe a developer is looking into it and is taking care of handling spaces in the name and protect them accordingly.

The space in the name is not needed for me, so the new db has no spaces in it.