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Full Version: Where to find/implement the TV Show Logo?
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Hi guys,

I want this clean look for my TV Shows:

I'm using Aeon Nox and have to use the TV Show Logo in order to get this look, but where can I implement these logos?

I scrape my TV show with Ember Media Manager and can't find any option to get a TV Show Logo.
How can I scrape it into my files?
Use the Artwork Downloader Add-on (I think that's what its called) from the xbmc repo - in Confluence - System\Settings\Add-ons\Get Add-ons\XBMC.org Add Ons\Program Add-ons\Artwork Downloader.
Thank you for your fast answer.
I downloaded and activated the Add on, but how can I get it to work?
It seems like there is no "Start" button for the add on to begin searching for material
It will download missing artwork the next time you open up xbmc, the alternative is to go to the show information for each tv show (from the context menu) and choose the logo button, which will download the info individually. My suggestion close and re-open xbmc and let the add-on do its thing.