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Full Version: Best way to connect to NAS servers
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I have all my video files on NAS servers (QNAP) ripped as VOB files. All movies has separate folders were the folder name is the name of the video.
Under there is VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS...

Movies named from A to R is on NAS 1 and S to Z is on NAS 2

What is the best way to let XMBC scan my movies ?

Either I can map up the the two drives in windows (Y: and ZSmile or I can just connect them as NFS or Samba servers which services runs on both NAS.

Would you suggest mapping instead of just using NFS/Samba and the IP address ?

I personally have had connection issues using samba, but then again I have media shares on a Linux sever and connect with a Linux frontend. I have had the best luck setting up sshfs and auto-mounting the drives when the front-end boots up.

Thanks guys,

I had really problems when I used NFS.
It did not play the correct movie and sometimes it played the same movie all the time no matter which one I choose and many times it did not want to play anything at all, just giving me an error message.

I have now mapped up the two NAS to letter X: and Y: and did a rescan of my movie files and voila....now its working as it should :-)
Using Linux I mount my shares via fstab. This way I can approach the shares as if they are local partitions and I can tweak the cifs connection settings to work optimal with jumbo frames to gain that extra bit of performance. It also comes in handy if you want to download with sabnzbd directly to the NAS.
Yes....my now retired Popcorn is Linux based and I used the same method there, mounting the drives at startup.
Guess that is similar to windows mapping at startup.