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Full Version: No thumbnails for AVCHD(m2ts)
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All my home movies just show as a gray rectangle for the thumb preview:

Similar problems reported here, but no updates for Eden:

Any idea?

Any easy way to generate thumbnails and have XBMC use them without having to set individually for each video file?

Well I found a temporary quick and manual fix.

My camcorder which created all these m2ts files created .tmb files to go along with them. I surmised that .tmb files were thumbnails, so I opened one up in paint and it showed the image.

XBMC needs them in .tbn format though for it to show (http://wiki.xbmc.org/index.php?title=Thumbnails).
So, I just renamed all my .tmb to .tbn.

On Windows you can do this quickly via a DOS command.

"for /r %x in ("*.tmb") do ren "%x" *.tbn"

Just run that in the directory that your .tmb files are in (or change to other extension) and it will rename them all to .tbn.

The "/r" is for recursive, so if you don't want it to do subdirectories as well then remove the /r.

Still would be nice for an official answer on why XBMC can't auto-generate the thumbs.