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Full Version: [solved] [GIT] DTS-HD MA not working
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(2016-06-18, 17:08)fritsch Wrote: [ -> ]For Passthrough there is nothing you can remap. For PCM there is - and this is also needed for ION-1

If I disable the TrueHD and DTS-HD in the settings for passthrough, than if I understood KODI is doing the encoding, and on my AVR I am receiving DTS 3/3/.1 ES-ON. Or is there something I can do more ?
I think before I started doing something (that I dont really understood with remapping) I had feeling that my AVR displayed not DTS 3/3/.1 but PCM 5.1. But maybe it's too late for me. Nevertheless I can hear the sound, and most probably my ears will not hear difference between what I have and what I should have Smile
Depends on the kodi version you are running. Since 16.1 if build properly, we can decode 7.1 TrueHD and DTS-HD - depends on the input of course, if it's 5.1 only, we only get 5.1. We do "decoding" and not encoding.
I am using 16.1 and looks like decoding is working fine. Now I got idea to buy dell video port adapter to hdmi and than I can install kodi on the laptop and stream from there. its i5 CPU so should be fine Smile thanks again for help and explanations.
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