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Full Version: New to XBMC and PVR - EPG Question Windows 7
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Hey everyone. So, just as a starter I'm new to both XBMC and Media Computers in general. I did some googling but an hour or so of research couldn't find me what I'm looking for.


Windows 7 64 Bit / HVR -1600 TV Tuner / XBMC PVR Version (Not sure which one I can dig it up if needed)/ MediaPortal Server as the backend

The problem:

I got tv working fine inside XBMC which was awesome. I'm thrilled with how the program is running, but I can't seem to get EPG info. I feel like it's mainly an issue of me not knowing what the hell I'm doing though. Do I need to enable it somewhere?


I'm getting lower quality than expected. My tuner claims 1080p. I know that's not what I'm seeing on the computer. Thoughts?

Thanks a bundle for any time you can give to help me. I'll check back as often as I can.
Did you configure the MediaPortal tv server for EPG?

See the MediaPortal TVServer configuration pages on their wiki.

About the "lower quality": try enabling "deinterlacing" under "Video settings" (while playing TV)
Yes I have configured the EPG for MediaPortal TV. I'm still getting "No Data Available" on the TV Guide. If it helps any, I have optimum as my cable provider and the tv is going straight from the wall to my computer
I'm afraid MP might not support EPG over ATSC. http://wiki.team-mediaportal.com/1_MEDIA...g_EPG_Data

Maybe you will have better luck with 4therecord.eu/argus as backend, I have no idea if it support ATSC EPG though.
Thanks! I'll look into it