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Full Version: NOWALL's set of backgrounds
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Don't worry, next week-end will be rainy so I will stay home and work on new backdrops, including your picture. Release sunday or monday
OK great

Thanks Smile
Any chance you could run through these as well?


Just the blue filter will do bro, don't want you wasting your time on stuff

EDIT SEPTEMBER 30/2012: Download link updated in post nr 1 with these new backdrops:


(2012-09-30, 15:29)N.O.W.A.L.L Wrote: [ -> ]EDIT SEPTEMBER 30/2012: Download link updated in post nr 1 with new backdrops:



great work, as usual. will probably add some of them to nox again.
(2012-09-30, 15:37)phil65 Wrote: [ -> ]great work, as usual. will probably add some of them to nox again.

No problem. Btw you may then update programs3.jpg, I updated color calibration

Best regards
Great work N.O.W.A.L.L
Glad they are included in Nox!
Hi Julien,

Love the backgrounds!!! I'm using them on my Aeon Nox setup. I was wondering if you could help me out by working on 5 of the backgrounds I'm having trouble departing with...


Thanks in advance!!

Robi, I answered you in PM.

I am open to requests, but pictures have to share some qualities with others (macro views, dark tones), so sadly in your case, your proposals don't fit the corporate layout that I try to establish.
But I write down that I must add 3 sections: NES, N64 and 3D (I don't see the point of doing TVGuide and Stadium addendums, sorry). Good ideas, thx.

Besides that, I have planned to do moviegenre backdrops with this style.
There won't be my initial creation, I downloaded the pack somewhere a long time ago, but I will process the images to be coherent with the style. I'll open a new thread for this, possibly in 2 weeks.

I wanted to do moviegenres icons too, but Frodo's are just perfect so there is no more need for me to do them.

EDIT: the thread for my set of moviegenre fanarts is now open
Love these, excellent work dude!
Great stuff... downloading now. Thanks!!
Stunning. Thank you!
Cant believe I never noticed these before.
Thanks for the GREAT work and for sharing.
Hi, I'm absolutely new here—and to be perfectly honest I'm unfamiliar with much of XBMC.

The reason I'm here is to do with one of the images depicted in this thread for "Aeon Nox".
Specifically the image in the 3rd row on the left, called "programs3.jpg" in the file path.

In brief, it's the image of an abstract hardrive with binary code spilling out of it diagonally.

I'm the original author of this image, and the image included has not only been used without my permission, it's been edited quite severely from it's original form and my signature has been removed. The original desktop art piece is called "Drive Mastery". I completed the design in July of 2008 and it since has become one of my most stolen/misused artworks... even having been stolen by a 3rd party company and used in promotional wallpaper artwork for Gearbox for their Borderlands 2 title. I mention this not for acclaim, but to illustrate just how wide the amount of misuse has become with just this one art piece. I have since that day dedicated numerous hours of my life tracking down the places it's being used and asking for it's removal.

It's extremely mind-boggling to me that people of today, especially on the internet, don't or won't simply take 3 minutes to look for the original artist and contact them for permission. In a case like this, I might have even gone the extra mile and modified the work myself as well as given my permission. I really don't understand it. Finding me via this piece on the internet would have taken less than a minute for anyone with experience in using Google search. Note or Email for permission would have taken even less time. People seem to love the art... but moreover, it also seems everyone who is attempting to be someone in the design-world on the internet just wants credit for my work—work that for me was inspired by my passions and set into with hours of my life and skills I've developed with patience and practice.

the original piece can be seen here in my deviantArt gallery, included with the original upload date (which is the first time it had ever been seen on the net): Drive Mastery (Pack Preview )

I'm asking that the artist who made the decision to include this work in the skin please remove it immediately.

Because this is a software situation where many be using my uncredited unpermissed art already, and that I don't necessarily understand the process of how it works, I'll also be contacting the support and filing a DMCA legal take-down notice to them within the week.

Thanks for your time,
AHiLdesigns / Jesse Lax

(2012-07-30, 07:42)N.O.W.A.L.L Wrote: [ -> ]EDIT AUGUST 18/2012: other previews:


re: AHiLdesigns

I followed the link your provided for your original work, and I must say the original is by far better and quite the creation. I'm sure the mods, skinners and those hosting/using your image without permission will honour your request. I guess the most egregious part of this is the editing of your signature and modification of the original art, really no excuse.

I hope in some way you have had sufficient compensation for this work, so as not to make future creations impossible. Keep in mind there was no intention to profit by your image (other than to enhance what is clearly one of the better skins for the freely available XBMC media player) and although I condemn the usage of the image and the way it was altered, but I can see the motivation.

As Picasso once said, good artists copy, great artists steal.
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