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Full Version: Artist Slideshow Problem.
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I've been using XBMC for a few months and im in love with. Mostly it holds my movie collection pretty nice and i decided to add my music collection also. However
the problem im encountering is with Artist Slideshow while playing music. I have my movie database centralized on a server i have , that works well. Also i have the following command on my advancedsettings.xml


in order to have all my thumnails centralized also. But ever since i moved my database and thumbnails to a centralized location, Artist Slideshow stopped working.

I did a couple of tests by renaming my advancedsettings.xml so XBMC would use local database and stuff and Artist Slideshow works fine then, so i wonder is there something i might be missing in order to make it work with my centralized database?

Thank you very much for any help you guys can give me.