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Full Version: [REQUEST] Songza Add-on
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Would it be interesting to have a Songza Add-on?

For the people who don't use Songza yet a small explenation
by Wikipedia:
"Songza is a web radio that streams music for free. Songza is different from other web radio services for two reasons: the stations on Songza are made by people (any member of the community can create a station) and Songza helps people find stations by personalizing the Songza experience based on a user's interests (simple survey questions, like Netflix) and by displaying an activity feed of what their friends are listening to (using Facebook Connect)."

Can anyone perhaps write a Add-on for that?

I second this, I actually found this thread searching to see if there was an app yet.
This would be awesome!

Is there an api?
Oh yes
i'd sign up right away!
Songza is great! A plugin for this wold be essential.
This would be awesome.
This would indeed be awesome. Songza is the only streaming music service I use.

If someone were to begin development, I would totally throw a bit of cash their way.
I would like to see Songza in XBMC for sure.
I would do one, but Songza is only accessible from the US or Canada...
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