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Full Version: Grooveshark replacement ?
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Just wondering, is there any new addon out there that I've missed, I'm a big fan of the Grooveshark addon but there seems to be problems with it.
Is there anything out there silmilar to Grooveshark ?
I think there might be a spotify plugin somewhere for xbmc but dont quote me on that, also not sure if it still works but i think you'll need a premium spotify account to use it, if you have a premium account it might be worth looking it up on here.

I really like the Rdio addon, even though I haven't yet got ot working. It looks amazing and it seems to work for a lot of people who aren't me. Maybe worth checking out.
Are those all not pay services? I loved the grooveshark one because it simply worked for free... The free one that is.

Now its dead, the creator has never responded.
Rdio (and Spotify though I use the former) has tracks that are waaay more uniform in quality than Grooveshark's uploaded library and, with Rdio, you know that you're actually supporting the artists.

Double bonus right?
Well, I wrote to Grooveshark to see what they had to say, I wanted to know if they were at all interested in an addon for Xbmc, and this is what they replied.

Thank you so much for your patience and support. I am very sorry for the trouble and confusion. We would love to offer an app over XMBC or XBOX, but we just do not have the developer time to do so with the new site still under production. Hopefully, we can look into supporting it in the future, though. I really think it would add a lot of value to our app and XMBC. Please let me know what you think. I would like to help.

So it sounds like they just dont have the time right now, as im not a programmer I dont know how things work but as there allready is an addon that has worked, there must be someone with knowledge about how to get it running again,
because even if some say that sound is not perfect, Ive been using it for 5 years, Ive never been bothered about it and it has more artists than spotify and its much cheaper dont know if it still has the free version .

So I hope some wizzard will take up the challenge to make our beloved Xbmc even more perfect

Since the original Grooveshark plugin didn't work and was slow/buggy anyway, I moved to that. Doesn't always work (I'd say it's down 25% of the time, or it's a script problem) and the selection is a tad more limited, but there's plenty to choose from and it's much simpler. Since it was updated recently you can also mix and match music library stuff with MP3 search results when making playlists, very seamless.