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Full Version: PCM Audio Flag?
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I have a few video files with LPCM audio. The CodecID embedded in the MKV file is "A_PCM/INT/LIT". When XBMC scrapes the file, it's determining the codec to be "pcm_s16le". Everything plays fine, but I'd really like the codec flag icon to show up. I've found that if I change the codec in my .nfo file to "pcm_bluray", I do get the PCM audio flag. However, it disappears during playback. Is something overriding that forced database setting in playback? Is there a better way I should be approaching this?
Is there anyone who can help me with this?
I literally have EXACTLY the same issue - anybody have suggestions on the best way to handle this please?
Anybody have any thoughts on this yet? I left it a while before asking again Smile