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Full Version: audio echos???
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[size=medium]Hi all Can somone tell me how to fix my apple tv2 xbmc videos. When I'm playing videos the audio echos sometimes depending on video. internet speed is good. My audio settings is on opitcal/coax, 16 bit as recommended. I am using HDMI cable that is connected to the TV. Buffering is good that it shows but not sure wht it echos some some videos. can somone suggest anything to fix it. thanks
Do you have audio going to a receiver/external speakers and the TV at the same time? If so, that will cause an echo sometimes. I had a TV set up once where I had to turn down the TV volume whenever I used the surround speakers, or I would get an echo.
I don't have external speakers. I am just using the tv. It does it only once in a while. echos and destortion like a blown speaker/ raspy. but after a little while it goes away by itself. very strange. Not sure if it is the file which I am watching. but it happens quite a bit when watching videos. After when I first starts doing the echo. thanks for the help in advance