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Full Version: [ubuntu] xbmc terminates with segfault
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I installed standard xbmc Eden 11.0 on my Ubuntu 12.04 64-bit system. I added the keyboard.xml file with the following contents:
to ~/.xbmc/userdata/keymaps directory.

And started xbmc in default confluence skin. I went to System > Settings > Appearance > Skin. I got a popup menu with the list of available skins. Then, when I pressed the F5 key of keyboard, xbmc terminated with segfault. Here is the crash report generated by xbmc: http://xbmclogs.com/show.php?id=5958

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You are missing the parentheses in the function name:
By the way, what are you trying to accomplish with your F5 key assignment? Based on your described scenario, it seems you are navigating through the menus to switch to a different skin? If so, you can just select a different skin from that list in the popup menu... there's no need to use the ReloadSkin() function. It's used primarily by skin developers to reload the current skin to view the results of their code changes without having to restart XBMC.

Since this problem is not development-related per se, I'm moving this thread to the General support area.

Thanks for the info. Actually I was working on a skin for xbmc. And as you said, I had assigned f5 key to reload skin so that I wouldn't have to restart xbmc for every change in skin. And when I was about to select my skin through Settings > System > Appearance > Skin, I pressed f5 key, just to make sure that all my changes appear in the new skin. And suddenly xbmc crashed.

On investigating a little bit more, I found that there was a segmentation fault! And I thought this should be reported to the forum.

BTW, the ReloadSkin function works even without parentheses.

This is definitely reproductable and some kind of bug, thanks for report!
Hi pieh! Are there any updates on this issue?
Please notify on this thread, if/when the issue gets fixed.