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Full Version: choppy playback in v11 but not in VLC
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This is my setup
Lubuntu 12.04 with all extra codec and VLC
when i use XBMC playback of even 720p is choppy
but when i exit out and play the same files in VLC its all fine
What changes do i have to make in XBMC to make it work like VLC
Please help
No one really?
see faq about how to report an issue.
Do you mean this one?

Things we want from EVERY report:
"Latest" is NOT a revision, of ANYTHING! (See below)
Linux Distribution and Version (eg. Ubuntu 8.04, Gentoo 2007.0-r1, etc)
Architecture (eg. i686, x86_64, etc. See below.)
Install Method (PPA, RPM, build.sh, manual, other)
SVN Revision (See below.)
Detailed Instructions to Reproduce the Problem (The more specific the better.)
FULL Debug Log (Please use your favorite paste site! See below.) << NOT OPTIONAL!
Backtrace (Only attainable if XBMC has crashed. See below.)
Compiler Output (Only useful if XBMC doesn't build. See below.)

GUI Problems (Navigation, Finding options, Setup, Labels, etc):
[*] Skin name

Playback Problems:
[*] Video codec and container.
[*] Audio codec and container.
[*] You may also be asked for a sample.

Other things that may be useful:
[*] System hardware specs (CPU, RAM, Chipset, etc.)
[*] Kernel Version

"Latest" is a completely useless version!
When referring to the version of something, ALWAYS be as detailed as possible. Saying you're using the latest version of something is wrong the second it is updated, and completely useless to someone looking for help on a similar problem in the future. (NOTE: It is perfectly fine to tell someone to upgrade to the latest version of something as this is nearly always a good idea.) Some good examples...
[*]Kubuntu 8.04 up to date as of 2008-06-29
[*]XBMC for Mac r14000
[*]libsmbclient 3.0.27

How do I find my architecture?
Run "uname -m" in a terminal.

How do I find my SVN revision number?
From home screen in default PM3 skin...
[*] Open the shutdown menu (Red icon at bottom right)
[*] Chose "System Info" (Left most menu item)
[*] SVN Revision is at the bottom of each page (XBMC SVN: #####)

Where is my debug log?
[*] Read http://wiki.xbmc.org/?title=Log_file thoroughly.
[*] Don't forget to enable debugging!
[*] Don't forget to use a paste site!

How do I obtain a backtrace? (Only obtainable if XBMC has crashed out completely to the desktop or terminal)
[*] Open terminal
[*] Run "ulimit -c unlimited" (You only need to do this if no core file is created automatically)
[*] Run "xbmc"
[*] Reproduce the crash.
[*] Install gdb if you don't have it "sudo apt-get install gdb"
[*] Run "gdb /path/to/xbmc.bin /path/to/core" (xbmc.bin path is in the debug log (see above), core file should be in the current directory (may have the process ID number appended))
[*] Once gdb has loaded up type "thread apply all bt" and press enter.
[*] Press return until you're back at the prompt then copy and paste the output to your favorite paste site.
[*] Type "q" then enter to quit GDB.
[*] Delete the core file to avoid confusion later.

How do I obtain useful compiler output?
First things first, wait 24hrs. Just as the police don't care if your kids are missing, we don't care if you can't compile! XBMC is in a constant state of flux and it is VERY likely that any compile errors will be resolved in a much shorter time than this. That being said, what not to post. "make: *** [some target] Error #", I'm sure we can all agree that this tells us nothing other than something bad happened while building "some target", so don't waste your time posting it.
Now, there probably isn't actually a problem. Try this from a terminal. (I'm gonna assUme you know how to navigate to your source dir if you see this error. If I'm wrong, go install the PPA.)
[*]"make distclean" # This will ensure your "problem" isn't due to stray object files
[*]"svn up" # This will ensure we haven't already fixed your "problem."
[*]"./configure" # This will ensure your problem isn't do to build system changes.
[*]"make" # This will most likely succeed. Note: You can pass -jN (N is the number of jobs make should run at the same time) to speed things up.
If the failure occurs again (and the 24hr timer is up!), run "make" and only "make" (no -j# option especially), and paste this output to your favorite paste site.

Paste sites:
[*] http://www.pastebin.com
[*] http://www.pastebin.ca
[*] http://www.rafb.net/paste
[*] http://pastebin.ubuntu.com

EDIT: Removed gfx specific stuff, it's in the debug log.
EDIT2: Getting tired of everyone running the "latest" version of everything.
EDIT3: Added some instructions for compiler errors as they are particularly good at filling the forums with useless info.
EDIT4: A full thread backtrace is more useful under most circumstances.
EDIT5: Updated log paths.
EDIT6: Updated compiler output build method. It obscurely referenced (the now defunct) build.sh.
EDIT7: Modified step 2 in the BT instructions. Newer kernels won't dump core with out an explicit ulimit call.
EDIT8: Modified log directions

Now that you've read it, you know how to post your problem report.
Did you get this resolved?
I'm having the same issue. Videos choppy in XBMC and play fine in VLC.