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Full Version: N40L, Server 2012, 6450 Dual Screen Issues
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Hi all i could do with a little hand here before deciding that its time to format and start over which i don't really want to do.

I currently own a N40L and have installed Windows Server 2012 as my OS.
I have brought and inserted a HIS 6450 Graphics card
Now using Server 2012 i knew that drivers might have been an issue.
To start i downloaded ATI Catalyst: 12.4 (For Windows 7) from the HIS site but was unable

to install them.
After a quick Google search i realised that although my card was a HIS many over

variations were out there. so i went straight to the AMD site and found the following

driver for Windows 8
This has installed perfectly.

Now i move onto the configuration part. I have a Benq monitor with DVI inputs so have

connect that (this works perfectly fine) I also have an LG television and this is

connected via the HDMI port and is detected fine however no matter what i do it always

shows no signal. The tv itself picks up that a HDMI source is connected but still shows no


Here is a few screens shot,

Interestingly enough when i took that screen shot windows copied two desktops yet my TV is

still not showing anything but 'no signal'

Cable/Tv setup have been verified using and Acer Revo i have.

Has anyone got any ideas before i decide to format this and go over to a supprted platform

ie Windows 7?

Have you gone into the Catalyst Control Center and checked your settings under Desktop Management and the Creating and Arranging Desktops?

I too have a N40L with Windows Server 2008 and SP2 but using ATi 6570 (i think) along with XBMC. But my issue stuttering with MKV files for which I have a separate thread on here...

Ok. So not really a xbmc problem but i guess hardware.
You have 2 desktops (as software).
You will have to rule some other stuff out.

Connect to another monitor over HDMI (preferably one that you know works correct).
If you still have no signal, try the same tv + HDMI cable on a different computer/laptop.
Try your video card in another computer (like at a friend).
ect ect.
Thanks for the replies gentlemen. Sorry it took so long to report back my N40L had a hardware fault so had to return that. Since it has been returned i have tried multiple times with the card using different monitors/TV's workstations and driver versions and even OS's. Still no joy i've decided to return the card and get a replacment before trying again.