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Full Version: OFDB scraper not scraping all movies
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Hey there!

- Openelec 1.95.5 PVR Fusion x86_64
- Zotac AD02
- connected via lan-cable (100mbits)
- Movies on SMB share (win home server)
- nfo-file with same name as movie-file which contains OFDB link

I switched from a MySQL database in the network to the local database in XBMC. I did a clean install in order to get rid of old stuff that might not be needed...

As everytime I was setting the source of one folder to "movie -> OFDB" + recursive and scraping started. It scraped like 20% of my movies but skipped the rest (but movies from 1 to Z in database). No idea how it is deciding which ones to ignore - I can't se a context. It worked before and i didn't change anything on my filesystem.

Folder are like this


- 2012
+ Bla.mkv
+ Bla.nfo

- 2011
+ Vid.avi
+ Vid.nfo
+ Film.mkv
+ Film.nfo

- 2010
+ etc.avi
+ etc.nfo

Each .nfo file contains the link to OFDB - nothing else.

Rescraping doesn't change anything. No "new" movies found...

Has anyone experienced similar behaviour?

Thanks in advance!
Full debug log needed.
I found out what the problem is: OFDB will block your IP after 50-100 requests in a short time. So XBMC was able to scrape like 100 movies, all other web request returned an empty page to XBMC :-(