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Full Version: Help needed with setting up movie set
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I've got a ton of Laurel and Hardy movies, but they were being scattered throughout the movie collection rather than under a specific set.

I ran an export, choosing 'separate' to create a separate .nfo file for each movie.

I then went into each L&H film's .nfo and edited it, putting in <set>l and h movies</set>

I then restarted XBMC, and updated the library again, but nothing has changed. Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong please?
To make XBMC rescan a file you either have to individually refresh the info for each file, or removing them from the library and readding them. A faster way to edit movie sets than nfo files would be to just add them with Add-on:XWMM (wiki).
Thanks Ned, I didn't know you had to refresh each film individually but that did the trick. I'll look into this XWMM add-on as well.
Ned, I've had a look at XWMM and it looks great. However, I notice now in my 'Laurel and Hardy Movie set' that the movies are not listed in alphabetical order.

What I did was to go through XWMM and order all the movies in that set under the field 'sort title' to ''LandH1", "LandH2", "LandH3", etc.

I've saved my work as I go, and have restarted XBMC, but it hasn't made a difference and the films in the set are still not in alphabetical order. Is it something really obvious I'm not doing?
Simply change the internal sort order of the set on the left slide menu in Confluence. I believe the current default sort order for sets is by year, not by name.

It's also possible to have an alternative sort order by name. Just add the tag <sorttitle>New sorttitle</sorttitle> to the .NFO file and refresh the movie.
The sort title will not be displayed anywhere but will be used when sorting the movies by name.
Thanks cactus - I didn't realise it would revert to sorting by year once it was in the set. Smile