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Full Version: DTS downmix over DLNA
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I bought an LG tv and found out that it doesn't support DTS.

I use XBMC as a DLNA server and it works fine but when I open a file that uses DTS no sound.

So is it possible to enable DTS downmix for the DLNA server?

Thanks in advance!!!
Nope, not with XBMC. Maybe other UPnP/DLNA servers can.
Can I somehow request this feature because I'm loving XBMC?

It has awesome RAR support and the media arrangement is just perfect.

Plex is able to downmix via UPnP/DLNA but it doesn't have RAR support at all.

Thanks for your answer!
if you love xbmc then better don't request features Wink.
If you're willing to re-encode the DTS audio in your MKVs to 640kb AC3 then you can use the Popcorn MKV Audio Converter. Install, download the tools package and get those set up, select some options, and after that it's pretty much fool proof. You can also set it to preserve the DTS track if you don't want to lose that.


Personally I can't really tell the difference between 1509kbps DTS audio, and 640kbps AC3 audio coming out of my receiver (you're probably not gonna be able to tell the difference using the TV as your output device) Also if you dump the DTS track for the 640kbps AC3 track you'll shave about a gigabyte off of each MKV...

Anyways just a suggestion, cheaper than buying a receiver and speakers.