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Full Version: Playback issues
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Hey guys, longtime lurker. I've searched and could not find what I was looking for very possible I wasnt searching for the right thing.
The problem I am having is when streaming over network I cannot play movies that are on my second HDD. I have an htpc and can play all files no with no problem. However when I use my laptop or recent boxee box I can only play half of my movies. Both can see the thumbnails for all the movies but only show about 6kb vs 3-4gb for the movies that play. The movies that do play on the laptop and boxee are on drive D: where as best I can tell the ones that don't play are on drive F:. Also there is a mixture of .iso and .ifo. I don't know if that matters or not. Any suggestions on what I am missing? Many thanks in advance. (also I'm not at home at the moment and cannot give any specifics on which build I'm using.)
Sounds like a permissions issue with file sharing. I assume you're using SMB/Windows Sharing? I'd double check the sharing settings to make sure both drives are accessible to everyone on the local network.
I think I figured it out. Both drives were set up the same as far as sharing permissions. The thing I've played with tonight was moving over files from the D: drive to the F: drive. The files I moved over works over the network for both the laptop and boxee. Is the problem the files themselves? the .iso work and VOB do not. Is there a workaround for this or do I need to convert everything to an .iso?