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Full Version: fanart issues
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hi.. so im having two small issues with fanart...

#1) is there anyway to make it so whenever i delete a tv show/movie.. it deletes all instances of fanart/movies for it? more often than not there is some remaining fanart from it and with the backgrounds i have.. it scrolls through all of my tv shows/movies and displays them.. dont really want it displaying old movies/tv shows...

#2) my next issue is that i keep getting tv show fanart in the music db.. it seems to pull the tv show fanart when theres no music fanart available for the specific album/song

here are some pics (sorry there are some issues with my ipad taking pictures, its kinda sideways)

so i solved #2.. for some reason random files got into my AppData\Roaming\XBMC\userdata\Thumbnails\Music\Fanart directory.. i deleted them..

just wondering about #1
For #1, I thinks someone made a cleanup script to remove unused art somewhere on the forums, but I don't have a link handy. IIRC, XBMC v12 will have this ability due to the revamped way it handles thumbs/art.