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Full Version: Problems with XBMC
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Hi, I'm new in XBMC and at this forum Smile Sorry on my bad english.

So, I got my Raspberry Pi yesterday and installed XBMC on it. I'm planning to create a media center but I have a few problems. First, how to remove the deelay between songs? I listen a lot to compilations (more songs mixed in one but every track is a mp3 file to be able to skip tracks). When I listen this compilation on my laptop, it plays like one track (no delay when passing from one track to another) but in XBMC it creates a little deelay. How to force XBMC to play songs continuosly?

Second, I connected it with my last.fm account. I'm able to play last.fm radios and it's scrobbling but when I'm playing last.fm stations, it only shows currently playing track in my last.fm account, but after this track has finished, it's not on my recently played list. I thought that the clock is the problem, but my clock on XBMC is correct and the counter of listened songs doesn't increase even if the song was played from beggining to end. When I'm playing songs from USB, everything works correctly. The option to scrobble tracks from last.fm stations is turned on i settings.

Thank you.

EDIT: now I saw that it doesn't scrobble from my USB driver neither. Yesterday was working fine and then my system crashed and didn't want do recognize my keyboard so I installed XBMC again today.