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Full Version: Can I recover my movies after my xbmcbuntu machine died?
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So...my machine died Sad I mourned for a while but life must go on. So my new machine is ready now Smile

but..I had many movies that I want back. The HDD with xbmcbuntu installed on it is undamaged. I use windows seven, which does not recognize the drive when connected externally nor internally. I can see the disk in BIOS and I even tried to boot from it to see what would happen. It tried to run!

To cut to the chase, I want those movies and I assume windows wont see it because it is has an OS on it....Huh Can I get them or shall I just mourn some more?
Virtualbox with a Linux disto installed, Windows can't read the ext filesystem or try an ext filesystem driver like http://www.fs-driver.org/
Of course!!!

Thanks for this suggestion.

This link is the one that worked for me:


Thanks again!