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Full Version: TMDB scraper now fails to find thumbs for certain movies (worked previously)
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Before today all of my movies were successfully found and every one had cover and fan art. Today I changed the paths to my movies and had to rescan my entire movie library. When I rescanned today, all the movies were found, most of them had cover + fan art, and some only had fan art. I've tried removing the offending movies from the library and then updating the library but the scraper still can't find any cover art for them.

I'd say about 5% of the movies in my collection are missing thumbnails right now. Two of the of the movies affected are:

A Christmas Story
30 Days of Night: Dark Days

Both of these movies have plenty of different remote fan arts available when I press get fan art, but absolutely no remote thumbnails are available when I press get thumb. I've tested this on two different machines, one of which had a fresh install of xbmc and it's the same movies that the scraper can't find thumbnails for.
I'm having the same problem, someone knows how to fixed?
I'm having real problems with this at the moment. Over the last few days I've has issues when my new content is added. The odd thumb is not found and in the main no fanart is found. When I go to manual update fanart none is found and if I remove the film and add it back the same occurs.
Same problem here, well not exactly the same but i think i understand the issue. When you go to the posters page in themoviedb website, you can see that each language has a list of posters and when you scrape you can only see the ones that are in your language's list. I do not know why this happens now, I've tried to use the older version of the scraper but without any result so apparently themoviedb is the main cause of the trouble.
No, it's not the site. Showing actually only the selected language is actually a new feature of the scraper. This is due to the assumption that you don't want to see e.g. German or Russian posters if English is selected
I don't seem to be able to pick up either posters or fanart / backdrops that are set to "no language"
Just started XMBC and moviedb scraper updated - refreshed the problem films and all looks well again.....
Everything is back to normal here without doing anything, I don't really understand what was going on if the website was not the main cause and there wasn't any update of the scraper. Well it's doesn't really matter now.
Not exactly the same as it was.

At the time you wrote previously - as being said - the scraper only got the the posters which tagged on the language you selected.
Since then - also based on your feedback - I tuned this. Because this modification only involved the tmdb shared common scraper library, you didn't get notification of this update. Notifications are only being done for the main scrapers (and not the common libraries the main scrapers might call).

The logic is now the following:
In case English is selected as preferred language: you only get posters tagged as English. If no English tagged posters you get all posters.

In case you selected a Non-English language as preferred language:
1. you get all posters tagged on your selected language plus English posters
2. In case there is no poster available on your preferred language the scraper falls back to English only posters
3. In case there is not even English posters available the scraper falls back to all posters

This way, you still don't get unwanted languages in your poster selection dialog, but there is still proper fallback mechanism in place to secure you will get posters in case of unavailability of your preferences.
I had the same problem as the others here, easy to fix after reading this. Thanks.

You say that you only get english posters when that is your selected language, would it not make sense to include the posters marked "no language" to every language as they are language-neutral?
I think many posters where only the title is written, may be marked as "no language". Also, many posters, regardless of language, are marked as "no language".

Is there currently any way of getting the english and the "no language" posters etc.?
To be honest, if the title is the original English/US title (even in case of a language-neutral title) I would mark it as English on TMDb.
Yes, I agree.
But as of now many posters are marked no language, regardless of the language they're in...
So if one new poster is marked with english, suddenly all the others disappear... But that will probably solve itself over time.
Anyway, just a thought, and maybe an easy temporary solution for a temporary problem.

Worst case is that I continue to update the poster languages myself Smile
just found out about this while adding "Dune"... http://www.themoviedb.org/movie/841-dune/posters#

I'd like to have the "no language" posters and while I'm german my library&scraper are set to english as standard... I'm really not fond of this TMDB feature, I want to see all posters (and fan arts!) to choose from
Mark that poster as English