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Full Version: Copy Media to Live Install PC
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I'm sorry if this has been asked and answered, I've tried looking around and couldn't find anything. Can't figure out a meaningful way to search for this...

I have three computers on the network: A Revo running Eden Live, a tower running unRAID, and a regular Windows PC. I'd like to copy a select subset of my movies from the unRAID machine to the XBMC machine for travelling. I'd prefer to do this while sitting at my regular Windows PC. The problem is that I don't see the XBMC machine in my network places. Is there a setting on the Live installation I can change to make this work? I did change the workgroup to match the rest of my network.

Network Places can be finicky. Have you installed samba so you can create shares? If not, and you want to drag and drop folder via Windows Explorer, you'll need to install and configure samba on your Live box. You may also have to manually mount the drives in Windows rather than relying on Network Places. A better option, IMO, would be to install something like WinSCP on your Windows machine and just use SCP to transfer the files.

Do you have remote X capabilities on your unRAID box? If so, log into that one and transfer files directly. This would be the most efficient way due to the fact that if you're doing it from your Windows box, the files get transferred to the Windows box before being transferred again to the XBMC box whether doing by SMB or SCP transfers.
Thanks for the reply, and sorry for the delayed reply back. Somehow I didn't see there was a reply, despite checking back for several days. Must have had a caching issue. Anyway, I was thinking Samba might need to be installed, but since Live uses a minimum and very foreign to me version of Linux, I'm totally at a loss as to how to do that. Even ubuntu would be a bit of a challenge for me) Could you point me in the right direction?

I get what you mean about remote X too, I'll delve into that, but it would seem I'd still need Samba in that case too, right?

Thanks again
I found a post that told me how to install samba (sudo apt-get install samba), which seemed to have worked insofar as I can now see my Revo on the network. But it doesn't have any shared folders, so there's nowhere to go. In XBMCbuntu I tried changing teh properties of the Movies folder so that everyone could read and write to it but still no luck.
You'll have to add shares to the Revo box. There are tons of tutorials for setting up SMB shares on a Linux box. The easiest way I've found is to install Webmin and add them that way, rather than hand editing the smb.conf file.