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Full Version: For the record PVR addon problem - No PVR clients have been started yet
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Hi All,

I am trying to setup live TV on XBMC.

I have everything configured correctly within For The Record software (recording etc. works fine) and all 3 of the For The Record services are running in windows, so I believe the problem is related to XBMC/FTR add on.

First line of my log file - Starting XBMC (11.0 Git:20120725-9093fb6), Platform: Windows 7, 64-bit (WoW) build 7600. Built on Jul 25 2012 (compiler 1600)

I think this is where it falls over;
ERROR: PVRManager - PVR::CPVRManager:Tonguerocess - failed to load PVR data

and then it reports;
ERROR: ADDON: Could not locate XBMC_ForTheRecord_win32.pvr

The only reference to this file that I can find is in the addon.xml file in the original .zip file in my downloads folder. I can't find the physical file on my system anywhere - I presume this is the problem.

By the way, Margro's FTR addon version I am using is v0.0.1.140 (03-06-2012).

Perhaps I am doing something wrong during installation or I have an incorrect version ??

If anyone can help me it would be greatly appreciated as I have been pulling my hair out trying all number of configuration changes/re-installations before realising that this is probably the fault.

Ok, I have fixed it !!

Just needed the correct version of XBMC with the for the record scripts downloaded from Margro's site - http://www.scintilla.utwente.nl/~marcelg....html#eden.

Nice and easy with the right software