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Full Version: TVDB scraper: Wrong title language?
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This is my first posting, so: Hello everyone, and thank you for the fantastic XBMC! It's just awesome! Big Grin

I'm having an issue with the TheTVDB scraper, and I'm not sure whether I am just using it the wrong way or I have found a bug...

I'm using XBMCbuntu "Eden" in a German configuration, and now I am trying to add my Tom and Jerry collection to it. However, the German translations of the episode titles are just horrible, so I want to use the original titles by all means.

I configured this single TV show to use the TheTVDB scraper, absolute episode order and selected "en" as language. Now, when I view the episode information, it is in English as expected, but the title is still shown in German. This also leads to German episode titles being shown in the library. Which is, as I said, pretty horrible... Wink

What do I have to do to get English titles as well? Or is it a bug? Then I'll gladly open a trac ticket for it.

OK, it seems that I was able to resolve this. I manually deleted a cache file at temp/scrapers/metadata.tvdb.com. After that I redownloaded the episode information. Now the episodes finally have English titles.