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Full Version: Switch between video file list and video?
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How can I get to the video files, the video list when I watch a video and back (by shortcut)?
Dirki, why don't you spend some quality time reading the XBMC Wiki?
Many thanks Ned and thrak76, works perfectly.

Yes, you are right, I will have a look into Wiki, may be there is a downloadable version, so I can read without having access to the Internet.
There really isn't a downloadable version yet. I tried once to get a neat "export to PDF" wiki extension enabled, but had issues with it and put it on hold. I'll look into that again.
Ah okay, thank you, may be a good way is to download the Wiki help with http://www.httrack.com, what I am just doing. You will have the same feeling like to be on the Internet then when using the downloaded Wiki, but it will take some time, I guess.