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Full Version: Music MP3 on all speakers
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Hi there,

From using Mediaportal for a few years I decided to give XBMC a try. And my first experience is that it is looking good and smooth and plays everything 'out of the box' so fare.

Though in Mediaportal there was an option to let the music play on all the speakers. I really liked that option because it gives MP3 much more depth.

Is there an option in XBMC also to let the music play on all speakers?
What do you mean by "all the speakers"? How many speakers do you have and what is your speaker setup? How are your speakers connected to your XBMC system? What is your system?
Hi there,

thanks for your replay.

I have an 7.1 speaker setup running on a Windows 7 XBMC 11.0 Eden. The speakers are connected by an HDMI cable and on a DTS-HD capable receiver.

And I would like to hear the music sound on all the speaker, so also from the back speakers. (instead of stereo front end speakers)

hope this clear things up? Otherwise, let me know! Smile
Did you already set your "Speaker configuration" to 7.1 in System > Settings > System > Audio output ?
yep, that I did do. And working great on movies but that is because there is 5.1 or 7.1 input. Most music is just 2.0 and would be great if that can be up-scaled to 7.1 also.
Couldn't you do this with an audio setting from within Windows itself? I have pretty much the same setup and get mp3 audio out of my 5 speaker surround sound.