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Full Version: Problem with show found but missing infos and episodes
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Dear all,

I'm using XBMC11, and have all my movies & TV shows correctly organized. Each of them have .nfo and art files downloaded by Media Companion.
For the TV shows, they all follow the following structure:
X:\TV Shows\Show Name matching thetvdb.com\Season XX\sXXeYY.title.ext

All works fine, except for one show, which is displayed fine with others in Media Companion, but does not show well in XBMC TV shows. The show is also named like the others, eg:
X:\TV Shows\Ushuaïa Nature\tvshow.nfo
X:\TV Shows\Ushuaïa Nature\Season 01\s01e01.La.Molécule.Bleue.(Mexique,.1998).avi
X:\TV Shows\Ushuaïa Nature\Season 01\s01e01.La.Molécule.Bleue.(Mexique,.1998).nfo
X:\TV Shows\Ushuaïa Nature\Season 01\s01e01.La.Molécule.Bleue.(Mexique,.1998).tbn

The NFO contains this:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" standalone="yes"?>
<title>Ushuaïa Nature</title>

Show is in french, where most of my other shows are in english. But I have a few other shows in french that do not face any problem.

When I look at the show in Videos>Files, I see correctly the seasons and episodes.
When I look at the TV Shows library, the banner of the show is displayed, but it is listed with 0 episode, and opening the shows show empty content. Moreover, when highlighting the show banner, it shows below "55" instead of the show title, and in the info pane most infos are missing, except two which are correctly displayed: rating & year.

And idea/suggestion would be welcomed...