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Full Version: Movies: Custom genre from NFO not showing ?
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Dear all,

I have all my movies in folders, all with .nfo files scrapped by Media Companion. I have manually changed some movies to add some specific genre. The NFOs are correctly saved with the specific custom genres.

I tried to clean the XBMC library, but after it rebuilds it, there are still only the old genres and not the new custom one. Isn't XBMC supposed to pick data from the NFO file when present ? it seems like it rescrape data from internet instead of loading the NFO one.

Am I missing something, how can I have XBMC use data from the NFO ?

best regards

Did you have your movies "Scraped" before you tried adding your custom genres? If so, you need to do a refresh of the movie or delete the movie from XBMC and let XBMC rescrape to get the new genres.


I do scrape all movie NFOs and arts using Media Companion. Then XBMC has directly the movies available (if I'm not wrong, XBMC scrapers first check for NFO before scraping from the internet themselves, and knowing that all movies are immediately available after I do "clean library", I suppose that's true).

It's later, when they were already in, that I found the need to add custom genres. I did so as well with Media Companion, but double checked as well that the correct extra <genre>xxxx</genre> was added in the NFO after.
Then inside XBMC, I do a "clear library" in settings > Videos... that should clear all (takes quite some time to execute), then re-fill from the modified NFOs. But after doing so, the custom genres are not present in XBMC library.

(2012-08-16, 19:35)mwkurt Wrote: [ -> ]...you need to do a refresh of the movie or delete the movie from XBMC and let XBMC rescrape to get the new genres.


This. Cleaning library does just as it says - cleans the library of items no longer available. It does not refresh or rescan anything. if you want your new genres to show up, refresh the affected movies and say "no" to refresh from the internet.
OK !

wow, thanks. That solved it... I read in many places that "Clean library" actually clears everything and get everything rescraped... That solved the issue, thanks.

Now sub-question: is there a way to force refresh on all ? I have quite a large amount of changed NFOs...

Set source content to 'none'. Hit ok and then set content again to rescan.
Watched status will be kept
Thumbs up for your help people. That solved it all !

A big thanks! Issue solved